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“Clean Water through Electro-Condensation”

AtmoSpark’s water generator “BluElement” provides freshwater solutions from the atmosphere. We do this by using our patent pending electro-condensation technology that extracts clean, distilled quality water from the atmosphere. Nutrients and minerals are added according to the intended application of the water.

Atmospark Process Description

Electro-Condensation : This is the process where air is passed through a series of electric field to attract the water molecules on to a condensing surface to condense clean drinking water. Use of electro-condensation reduces the energy footprint significantly while simultaneously increasing the water production. Use of electro-condensation technology enables AtmoSpark to produce portable, energy efficient units that can make water on the go. Our units use less than 250W of power consumption to make 3-5 gal per day of clean water from the atmospheric. Weighing 50lbs., these units can be easily carried around by a person wherever they go to make clean water anytime, anywhere.

Clean Water

With our proprietary electro condensation technology, BluElement is able to optimize energy consumption and maximize water production based on the quality of ambient air coming through the system. This is done with the help of auto regulating controller systems that adjust based on the quality and amount of ambient air passing through the system.

Premium Quality Clean water

Electro-condensation reduces impurities and contaminants producing high purity water

Ubiquitous water source

Creates water from the air around us

Energy efficient

Electro-Condensation reduces energy footprint


Ability to use renewable resources


Our device is compact and can be carried around easily


Product Dimensions

2.8ft x 1.1ft x 1.8ft

Input Voltage

24V / 120V.

Input Current

10A / 2A.

Inlet Air Humidity

> 40% RH.

Inlet Air Temperature

40F – 120F.

Water Output Rate

5 gal/day


50 lbs.