Blu ElementTM

Redefining sustainable water solutions for a mobile world.

Atmospark Process Description

Electro Condensation

Introducing Electro Condensation: Atmospark's ground breaking process that efficiently produces clean drinking water. By employing a series of electric field, we attract water molecules onto a condensing surface, reducing energy usage while increasing water production. These breakthrough not only significantly reduces our environmental impact but also enhances water production efficiency.

Our portable units weighing only 60lbs., use less than 250W to generate 5-8 gallons of clean water per day. Compact and Convenient this units empower individuals to create water on the go anytime anywhere.

Clean Water optimized

Leveraging our exclusive Electro-Condensation Technology. Blu Element finely tunes energy consumption and water production by dynamically responding to the quality of ambient air. Our innovative auto-regulating controller systems continuously adjust to variations in ambient air quality and quantity, ensuring optimal performance. This sophisticated approach allows Blu Element to seamlessly optimise efficiency, providing an unparalleled solution that adopts to the ever-changing conditions of its environment.


Product Dimensions

2.8ft x 1.1ft x 1.8ft

Input Voltage

24V / 120V.

Input Current

10A / 2A.

Inlet Air Humidity

> 40% RH.

Inlet Air Temperature

40F – 120F.

Water Output Rate

Upto 8 gal/day


60 lbs.