As a Nano-chemistry/Surface Science Research Engineer at AtmoSpark, you will be part of the team that will help create products and experiences that will transform the way we get water.

Blu Element is world’s first air-to-water extraction system designed for cruising sailboats. Blu Element is portable and simpler than current desalination systems on board to ensure sailors get their drinking water reliably.

Relevant experience:

  • Recent Graduate or currently pursuing a graduate (Masters/Doctoral) degree in Chemical/Mechanical Engineering or a related field.

  • Preferred Doctoral Candidate or Masters’ Grad (Not necessary)

  • Demonstrate ability to conduct independent research and work efficiently with other teams

  • Ability to conduct research on a process and determine the most cost-effective route

  • Ability to demonstrate application of an idea on a pilot scale and taking it to the commercial scale

  • User-Centered Design at the core of your process

  • Intermediate/Advanced knowledge of Nanotechnology and Surface Science to conduct experiments that lead to a desired, time-bound outcome.

Your Tasks:

  • Conduct iterative experimentation to meet the company’s product development goals

  • Conduct/Record User Focused Testing

  • Iterate and guide product development through to the manufacturing stage