Blu Element is the world’s first watermaker for sailboats that generates water using the air around it. 

Blu Element is engineered to be energy-efficient and lightweight. The compact, modular design, makes for easy placement on your boat. Blu Element operates anywhere in the world and delivers over 50 gallons/day. This system has a mineralization system to ensure your water has the right minerals and pure taste to it.

Blu Element reduces cruising downtime risk by 80% on an annual basis and saves you over $1500 per journey.

Take your voyage to the next level with our reliable patent-pending AtmoSpark technology and never worry about maintenance and pickling your watermaker.




50 gallons/day (189 L/day)
(With 50% RH and 70 degrees Fahrenheit)


12 V DC/5 A


<200 ppm total dissolved solids
Optimum amount of Mg2+ and Ca2+ minerals


     Worry-free Water Whenever



Blu Element has a simple and efficient patent-pending process to generate water saving you up to $1500 per scheduled maintenance making your voyage trouble-free. Make every trip easier without the worry of breakdowns and reduce your downtime while cruising. 



Blu Element operates on a 12V system that uses 1/6 power consumption than your traditional watermakers, decreasing the need for you rely heavily on fuel to generate water. Blu Element can also be powered with solar panels requiring no fuel to meet your daily water needs.



Blu Element is portable, meaning you can transport it on and off your boat and you don’t have to pay installation fees or worry about pickling.



Enjoy the refreshing taste of Blu Element's high quality water giving you a more satisfied and enjoyable experience on board. The water quality is mineralized in order to give you the necessary nutrients for a healthy body and mind.


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The precursor to Blu Element is prototype Umi. Umi is currently being built and tested at our facilities with the capability of producing 20 gallons/day. The goal of Umi is to test on cruising sailboats around the country to help us create the best version of Blu Element possible. If you are interested in joining the waitlist to test our prototype Umi, follow the instructions below.

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