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About Us

"We make clean water accessible to everyone."

Our Vision

We believe that access to clean water should be as easy as the air we breathe. That is why we strive to harness the water from the air around us. Using our patented electro-condensation technology, anyone can get access to clean water, anytime, anywhere.

Our History

What started off as a class project at Lamar University has become a company which makes atmospheric water generators that turns airborne humidity into clean drinking water. We bootstrapped this company using spare parts and off the shelf items to create our very first prototypes that proved our air to water concept worked. Working after hours and weekends in our garages, we kept iterating on our devices to increase their water production while making sure they remain portable and energy efficient.

Why AtmoSpark Invented an Atmospheric Water Generator?

Having experienced water shortages first hand, we decided to work on a solution to a problemthat will be or is already prevalent in many countries around the world. It is estimated that about two thirds of the world lacks access to clean drinking water (Ref: Unicef). Access to clean water should be a basic human right. This prompted us to work on a solution to a widespread problem that is only going to get exacerbated in the future. Through hours of research and countless iterations of prototypes, we came up with a solution that is portable,energy efficient and gives anyone the ability to create water from the abundant air around us.

Why Choose an AtmoSpark Air Water Generator (AWG)?
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There is an abundance of air around us. Due to the naturally renewing water vapor cycle, there is always some amount of humidity in the air. AtmoSpark’s BluElement water maker uses our proprietary electro-condensation technology to attract this humidity into an amplified water vapor cycle and eventually converting it to clean water.

This enables us to manufacture portable, energy efficient water generators that can make clean water using ambient air, at the push of a button. We provide water solutions to those with limited access to it.